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Retail Payments Risk Forum's Talk About Payments Webinar Series

In October 2017, the Retail Payments Risk Forum launched Talk About Payments, or TAP, a series of educational webinars appearing quarterly. These webinars supplement the Forum’s other educational efforts, including the weekly blog Take on Payments and white papers, to provide in-depth knowledge and discussion of current payment systems' risks. The webinars are free but participants must register in advance to participate. Subscribe to receive announcements about upcoming webinars.


Dec 15, 2022

Payments in 2022: What Had Our Attention? - December 15, 2022

What's your vote for payments vocabulary word of 2022? Omnichannel? Interoperability? Frictionless? Irrevocable? In this Talk About Payments webinar, the Atlanta Fed's Retail Payments Risk Forum members shared their picks for the 2022 word of the year and discussed noteworthy payments trends.

Nov 10, 2022

Financial Exploitation of Aging Adults - November 10, 2022

Older adults make up the fastest-growing segment of the United States population. Along with this population growth has been an increase in the rate of financial exploitation of older adults. In the November 10 episode of our webinar series, criminologists from Florida State University describe the current research, theory, and policy responses associated with the growing social problem of elder financial abuse.

Nov 03, 2022

ATM Attack Trends and Defenses - November 3, 2022

ATM crime has increased significantly over the past two years. In this November 3 Talk About Payments webinar, a panel of security experts discusses trends in cyber and physical attacks against ATM terminals and personnel.

Jun 09, 2022

All About Project Hamilton

What might a central bank digital currency look like? And how would it work? Talk About Payments features two senior leaders from Project Hamilton, a project studying the implications of a CBDC.

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