"Nationally, Housing Is Unaffordable": A Conversation on Housing Affordability

9/17/2020 - Many factors combine to affect housing affordability. This episode of the podcast features a discussion of the Atlanta Fed's new tool for assessing nationwide housing affordability.

"It's Going to Be Interesting to Watch": A Conversation about Unemployment Claims Data

7/13/2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic led to unprecedented levels of unemployment compensation claims. What do the data tell us about the labor force? The podcast features Atlanta Fed experts who discuss a new tool that examines the question.

Financial Tech Is Everywhere

6/03/2020 - A routine (pre-pandemic) commute brings home the prevalence of new payment tools built on financial technology, or fintech. Listen to this podcast episode explore how fintech transforms even the smallest transactions. And two fintech entrepreneurs discuss navigating this topsy-turvy industry.

"You Can Build the Infrastructure from Zero": A Conversation about Digital Adoption in Emerging Economies

3/26/2020 - Much has been written about the digital revolution's impact on developed economies, but what about developing and emerging economies? The podcast features an Atlanta Fed economist who discusses his research into the question.

"These Local Problems Do Have Some National Solutions": A Conversation about Inequality

2/27/2020 - In this special episode of the podcast, Atlanta Fed president Raphael Bostic talks with researcher Anthony Orlando about income inequality and how a seemingly national problem can have solutions that begin close to home.

"Threats Can Come in Many Forms": A Conversation about Data Breach Prevention

1/30/2020 - When it comes to data breaches, it seems that there are two types of organizations: those that have been breached and those that will be. The podcast talks to a risk specialist about steps people and firms can take to protect themselves.

Wings over America: A Conversation with Author James Fallows

1/2/2020 - What role does venture capital play in finding and nurturing the Next Big Thing? The new episode of the podcast tries to answer that question by talking to an Atlanta Fed economist about venture capital's impact on firm growth and employment.

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