How Merit America Uses Google Career Certificates Training to Create a More Equitable, Inclusive Job Market

2/28/2023 - In this episode of Workforce Realigned, the eighth episode in the special series within the podcast, Merit America—the inaugural training provider of the Google Certificates Fund—joins to share how learners gain new skills and are supported through this program.

How Google Drives Economic Mobility with an Innovative Investment Fund

2/28/2023 - In this episode of Workforce Realigned, the seventh in the special podcast series, hear about the Google Career Certificates Fund, which was created to support more than 20,000 learners to realize over $1 billion in aggregate wage gains over the next decade.

New Jersey Pay It Forward Program Prepares Students for Well-Paying Jobs

2/28/2023 - The sixth episode of Workforce Realigned, a special podcast series, highlights the New Jersey Pay It Forward Program, helping career seekers complete training programs that would otherwise be unaffordable or inaccessible.

"It Can Undermine Economic Mobility": A Discussion of Heirs' Property

2/23/2023 - Heirs' property, or property whose ownership is not clear, is a problem regionally and nationally. The Atlanta Fed's Sarah Stein, an adviser in the Community and Economic Development group, joins the podcast to discuss heirs' property and ways to mitigate its economic effects.

"Transparency Helps Us Earn the Trust of the American People": Discussing Outreach to the Public

2/9/2023 - Furthering the public's understanding of the Federal Reserve is a top goal of the Atlanta Fed. Regional outreach officer Mike Chriszt joins the podcast to discuss his efforts to clarify the Bank's role in monetary policymaking.

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