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Lessons and Activities

The Atlanta Fed and other Federal Reserve Banks have award-winning, free lessons to help middle and high school educators teach about personal finance, money and banking, macro- and microeconomics, and international economics.

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Sep 28, 2022

Soft Skills Lingo Bingo

This lesson and bingo game will teach your students some of the traits that employers value in workers. Explore concepts related to soft skills—and game on!

Aug 24, 2021

Dream Today, Job Tomorrow: Building a Foundation for Career Success

In this lesson students learn strategies that they can employ now to start preparing for their future dream job or career.

Aug 24, 2021

Are You up to the Test?

Students explore the hiring process employers use to select strong candidates from a larger pool of candidates using an employment test simulation.

Aug 24, 2021

Career Opportunities at the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve has a wide variety of careers available in various fields, and this lesson will allow students to consider various career opportunities that may be available to them in the future.

Aug 24, 2021

Soft Skills for Your Future Job

Students will learn about essential soft skills, evaluate the soft skills needed for specific jobs, conduct a soft skills self-assessment, and practice professionalism.

Aug 24, 2021

The Job Interview: Preparing for Common Questions

Looking to enhance your students' soft skills and help them land a job? Try this lesson on preparing for common interview questions!