All about Infographics

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We have all seen them—the bright colors, cool graphics, and fascinating data combining to tell a visual story about a topic we seek to understand. Whether you are looking for a comparison of your two favorite sports teams or you want to understand the epidemiology behind a certain disease, you are likely to find an online infographic about the topic. While an online image search quickly turns up an infographic comparing the Seahawks and Patriots, economics educators won't readily find an infographic comparing command and market economic systems—that is, until now!

Welcome to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's new Economics Infographic series. You can both access these visuals online and order print copies to laminate and display in your classroom. For this inaugural release, we have addressed four main areas of economics: fundamental concepts, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international economics. The specific topics are command and market economic systems, supply and demand, the Fed Explained, and trade. Each poster has an accompanying learning activity that you can use in the classroom.

We are also adding four infographic posters to our Katrina's Classroom curriculum. These address the personal finance topics of credit, banking, human capital, and financial preparedness. The September issue of Extra Credit will highlight this series, which will also include educational activities for you to use in the classroom.

Finally, you can engage your students with technology by showing them how to create their own infographics. This issue of Extra Credit includes a lesson you can use to guide your students through the process of creating their own infographics using a free software application.

You can request print copies of our infographics using our online order form.

We hope these new publications will be helpful tools for you and your students. Let us know how you are using them and how your students respond to them in the classroom!