The Atlanta Fed and other Federal Reserve Banks have award-winning, free lessons to help middle and high school educators teach about personal finance, money and banking, macro- and microeconomics, and international economics.

Middle School lessons

Middle School

Middle school teachers can download a variety of materials to take to the classroom: reviews of fiction and nonfiction books containing basic economic concepts, activities to pique their students' interest in personal finance, articles explaining globalization and free trade, and much more.

High School lessons

High School

High school teachers can access a wealth of resources for teaching economics and personal finance. These resources include lesson plans on a variety of basic and specific economic concepts, teaching tips for presenting international economics and other economic topics, and articles explaining ideas in macro- and microeconomics.

closeup of students holding up hands in a classroom with a teacher in the background

Bell Ringer

Teachers looking for fresh resources in the classroom can review our new Bell Ringer activities. These resources encourage students to use critical thinking skills as they explore economic topics.