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Lesson 4: Back to School

Concepts: Postsecondary education and careers, human capital, employment/unemployment, FAFSA, budget and living expenses, savings tools, Rule of 72

This lesson examines developing human capital, postsecondary education as a key to greater financial well-being, costs and financing options for postsecondary education, budgeting and saving to achieve financial and personal goals, preparing for emergency situations, and using foundational personal finance strategies. The lesson culminates with a full-scale expense tracking and budgeting project.

The video component of the lesson shares the financial and personal experiences and lessons learned of a college freshman, her family, and her friends when they were forced to evacuate New Orleans, Louisiana, before Hurricane Katrina and after they returned.

Lesson components


You can watch the video accompanying this lesson using the YouTube player below, or download it directly to your computer.