Why Supervision and Regulation Matter

March 26, 2018


Madeline Marsden: I get to be part of an organization that's very unique. We're the only Fed. There are 12 Reserve Banks, and I work for one of them—which is pretty cool.

S&R [supervision and regulation] on the local level, in the Sixth District, examines all the institutions the Fed's responsible for—that's a really important part of our microsupervision. We have to have individual banks and financial institutions feeding up into the system. If they're healthy, it’s another leg up for the system.

If there were no S&R [Supervision, Regulation, and Credit] Division, the really bottom line, consumer-level part of the financial system would really not be protected. It's very important that we ensure the safety and soundness of our individual banks, because that is where we relate to the majority of society—at the local level, at the individual business transaction level—and that's very important, and it's important not just for the financial condition of the organization but also for the services they offer the community. That's critical. That keeps the economy going.

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