Economists' Research Available through Various Venues

March 26, 2018

Scholarly papers are not the Atlanta Fed’s only contribution to financial stability research. The Bank also offers its work in venues such as macroblog, which offers regular commentary and analysis on economic topics. The Atlanta Fed's Center for Financial Innovation and Stability publishes essays on financial stability every month in Notes from the Vault. In addition, the center holds a couple of conferences each year, including the Bank’s flagship research event, the Financial Markets Conference.

Those conferences assemble leading thinkers from industry, government, and academia, including Nobel Prize winners, former cabinet secretaries, Fed chairs, and heads of other central banks. These events generate spirited discussion about important financial and regulatory policy questions.

The 2017 conference focused on striking a balance. The aim is regulation that enhances stability without burdening financial institutions to the extent they become potentially less stable. These discussions continue to inform policymakers as the Fed Board of Governors and Congress weigh changes to financial regulation.

"Policymakers are unlikely ever to be able completely to end the risk of financial instability, but better policies can almost surely reduce the risk and social costs of such instability," Wall wrote in an examination of whether financial stability should be an explicit goal of monetary policy. "Hence, at this point the safest approach is to continue developing macroprudential tools while retaining the option of using monetary policy to reduce the risk of financial instability."

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