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    Mar 31, 2022

    Ask Us Anything: Skill Development and the Growth of Green Jobs - March 31, 2022

    This Ask Us Anything webinar discusses how the green economy includes roles throughout the economy at large, including the energy industry and companies with products that are substitutes for high-emission products.

      Nov 16, 2021

      Racism and the Economy: Focus on Financial Services - November 16, 2021

      The tenth installment of our series focused on the impact of structural racism on our economy and advances ideas to improve economic outcomes for all Americans.

        Oct 20, 2021

        Racism and the Economy: Focus on the Wealth Divide - October 20, 2021

        The ninth installment of the series focused on how barriers to wealth accumulation deny families and communities long-term economic mobility and financial resiliency.

          Oct 19, 2021

          Bostic Speaks Live on October 19

          Atlanta Fed president Raphael Bostic spoke at "Back to Work: Helping the Long-Term Unemployed," an event sponsored by The Hill and AARP, on October 19.

            Sep 09, 2021

            Racism and the Economy: Focus on Health - September 9, 2021

            The eighth installment of the Racism and the Economy series examines how racial disparities in the health care system affect the economy.

              Aug 04, 2021

              Addressing the Long-Term Unemployment Crisis - August 4, 2021

              The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity and AARP held a lively conversation about the current long-term unemployment crisis and what innovative solutions are available to support the long-term unemployed.

                Jul 15, 2021

                Inclusive and Resilient Recovery: Career Pathways to Household Financial Well-Being - July 15, 2021

                Atlanta Fed Community and Economic Development staff members and guests discuss how career advancement is tied to household financial well-being. They also consider the systemic barriers that pose challenges to economic self-sufficiency.

                  Jul 14, 2021

                  Ask Us Anything: The Cost of Inequality in the Labor Market - July 14, 2021

                  The COVID-19 recession exposed economic disparities along racial lines, with Blacks and other workers of color experiencing greater losses in employment. This Ask Us Anything webinar discusses these challenges and potential solutions to improve economic mobility and resilience.

                    Jul 13, 2021

                    Racism and the Economy: Focus on Criminal Justice - July 13, 2021

                    The seventh installment of the Racism and the Economy series explores how racism in the criminal justice system affects the economy.