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A dynamic economy can create opportunities for workers, but it also creates risk. Investing in talent development—or talent finance—is imperative for companies and workers to succeed.

To build the workforce of the future successfully, we must constantly innovate and invest in the economy's most important resource: human capital. Talent Finance will develop new ways for employers and the financial services community to collaborate and identify new private-sector tools for financing talent, develop new strategies for managing risk in the labor market, and manage how to pay for workers to gain and constantly refine the skills they need.

  • Learn about Talent Finance

    Talent Finance: A New Consensus and Return-to-InvestmentOff-site link
    The Talent Finance framework is outlined in this landmark paper. It includes recommendations for how to design and implement real-world solutions to current workforce challenges.

    Current State-Future State VideoOff-site link
    Watch this video on the current state of the workforce and how it can improve through the eyes of two workers: Robert and Sarah.

    Talent Finance digital magazineOff-site link
    Find a recap of the Talent Finance virtual event series, including reasons why the Talent Finance movement is needed, why innovation in talent development is imperative, and real-world stories highlighting where talent financing models are working.

    Workforce Currents: Talent Finance: Exploring the Future of Workforce Partnerships
    The Talent Finance initiative explores public- and private-sector financing options to develop workers' skills.

  • Our Partners

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Center for Education and WorkforceOff-site link
    The center focuses on three critical and complex challenges: alignment, data, and technology. These projects reflect the foundation's commitment to a labor market with the right skills for today and tomorrow.

    WorkingNationOff-site link
    WorkingNation creates and amplifies solutions to the jobs skills gap that is disrupting our economy. It does so by facilitating a national discussion to effect change, to connect the dots for companies and communities looking for solutions, and to identify where the jobs of the future will be.

    Greater Houston PartnershipOff-site link
    The organization gathers business leaders to work with elected officials and community organizations to help shape solutions to the city's most urgent issues.

  • Watch the Event Series

    Talent Finance Initiative Kickoff Event

    This event kicked off a series of discussions that make the case for a public-private approach to financing talent in the new economy, one that can forge a new consensus and strike the right balance between the roles of employers, workers, and government.

    Talent Finance Initiative Forum 2: Building Partnerships

    This forum explores how diverse stakeholders can begin working together to build new public-private partnerships. It also explores how to promote pilots and demonstrations of emerging talent finance innovations.

    Talent Finance Forum 3: Public-Private Innovations

    To transform the talent finance ecosystem, promoting innovation through public and private leadership is key. This event addressed how both the public and private sectors can leverage new and emerging talent finance innovations and how they can better align their investments to achieve better outcomes and impact.

    Talent Finance Forum 4: Enabling Infrastructure

    Scaling new and emerging talent finance innovations will require an enabling infrastructure. These innovations will require us to revisit how we account for and report on talent investments; identify, measure, assess, and manage risks; use data to inform talent investment decisions; and leverage quality assurance systems to identify new pathways to opportunity. This event explored the infrastructure of the future that will support and grow a more transparent, equitable, and accountable talent finance ecosystem.

    Talent Finance Forum 5: Capstone Event

    This final event was a conversation about prioritizing where to start and how to get involved in building the talent finance ecosystem of the future.

    Talent Finance Video Series: Ashli Watts

    Ashli Watts, president and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, discusses Talent Finance.

    Erin Robert Talent Finance Interview

    Erin Robert, head of Impact Finance at JP Morgan Chase & Co., sat down with U.S. Chamber Foundation president Carolyn Cawley to discuss Talent Finance as a guiding framework for investors.

    Gayatri Agnew Talent Finance Interview

    Gayatri Agnew, senior director of Economic Opportunity at Walmart.org, sat down with Stuart Andreason, director, Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, to discuss Walmart’s efforts to provide education and training to its workers.

    Talent Finance Talent Pipeline Management®

    This conversation explores the overlaps between Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) and Talent Finance. The TPM initiative is a workforce strategy helping regions across the country meet the needs of today's changing business environment. It is a demand-driven, employer-led approach to close the skills gap that builds pipelines of talent aligned to dynamic business needs, so far engaging thousands of employers across more than half of the country and Canada.

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