Annual Report of Holding Companies (FR Y-6)

All Sixth Federal Reserve District top-tier holding companies file the FR Y-6 report annually. The FR Y-6 requires that any top-tier holding company not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission submit a copy of its annual report, if it creates one, to shareholders. The FR Y-6 also requires these top-tier holding companies to submit their organizational charts and annual verifications of domestic branches within the organization. They must also include information on the identity, percentage ownership, and business interests of principal stakeholders, directors, and executive officers. Federal Reserve Bank customers can access copies of the most recent plus the previous 5 years of the Annual Report of Holding Companies (FR Y-6) submitted to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta by Sixth District holding companies. The reports submitted at the end of each fiscal year are uploaded on a flow basis when Reserve Bank analysts in the Financial Statistics and Structure Analysis (FSSA) department complete their reviews. All reports should be accessible by September 30 of each year. In accordance with Federal Reserve Board of Governors guidelines, personal items and selected information deemed to be confidential are redacted from reports at the request of the reporting institution and approved by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's legal department.

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