• smart phone with word typed debts on it
    Read Take On Payments for a description of the Retail Payments Risk Forum's upcoming end-of-the-year webinar, when our experts look back at 2022 payments trends and pick a payments word of the year.
  • The minutes of this month's Federal Open Market Committee meeting have been released.
  • in a raised hand, a mobile phone surrounded by images of methods of online payments and products
    Register to join us on December 15 for a Talk About Payments webinar when the Atlanta Fed's Retail Payments Risk Forum members discuss this past year's noteworthy payments trends.
  • person signing disproportionately large paper check
    Despite today's many payment choices, sometimes you have to write a check. Read Take On Payments for another look at the Survey and Diary of Consumer Payment Choice.
  • 2 people pushing grocery cart with clock-like mechanism behind them with $ signs on it
    Read Take On Payments for another look at a recent report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on the BNPL industry.
  • In this November 3 Talk About Payments webinar, a panel of security experts discusses trends in cyber and physical attacks against ATM terminals and personnel.
  • Join us November 30 at 2 p.m. (ET) for this conversation on how shifting to skills-based practices can improve talent recruitment and retention for employers.
  • Community and Economic Development staff spoke with southeastern affordable rental housing stakeholders to understand local and state implementation of Emergency Rental Assistance programs, says Partners Update.
  • This Partners Update article discusses three state pilot evaluations of one of the Atlanta Fed’s Career Ladder Identifier and Financial Forecaster tools, the CLIFF Dashboard.
  • This Partners Update examines disproportionate financial barriers for small businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This Partners Update article summarizes a recent paper that explores partnerships with CDFIs in the workforce development system.
  • Read Partners Update for a discussion of two webinars in the Atlanta Fed Inclusive and Resilient Recovery series that focused on the financial health of households in the Southeast.

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